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Kids Learn Talking English audio books Growing Up with Talking pen

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Update time : 2017-03-13 15:07:10
The Growing Up series with Smart Pen gives children an enjoyable English learning experience.
Children can learn by listening while reading and singing!
Cute Roles + Vibrant Pictures + Smart Pen =Children's best English learning partner

● 20 books with 98 topics that will allow children to advance their English level starting from beginner to advanced comprehension skills.
● Vibrant pictures, plus 4 cute roles and Miss Wits that make 98 topics more fun.
● The 8 titles in the Language Arts section include conversation, vocabulary, phonics and songs to give kids an all-around learning curriculum.
● The Smart Pen is activated as children go throughout each lesson to learn vocabulary, sentence structure and conversations.
● Musical backgrounds and sound effects will give every child a unique learning atmosphere.

98 topics˙8 language arts˙60 songs
Enjoy and enhance English with Growing Up.

*The books are printed with soy ink. Parents and children can enjoy in reading safely.

Language Arts
Chat Box
Let’s Sing
Phonics Time
Look! Look!
What’s Up?
What’s New?
Let’s Read
Write Right