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Easy Talk audio word books with talking pen

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Update time : 2017-06-06 10:53:10
According to research, most learners are visual learners. Therefor, livey illustrations along with other language learning materials are the first choice to optmize the result and make learning more intriguing. Easy Talk set is learning english talking pen audio book for kids.
It is designed specifically for beginners to increase their interests and motivations to learn English. This series is categorized by parts of speech for learners to understand the usage instantly. Many of the most common English vocabularies and sentences are compiled by professional English teachers as examples combining with cartoon illustrations and related words or phrases as a highly efficient way to acquire new vocabulary. Just a tap away, the audio function of the talking pen facilitates the congnitive learning experiences of the learners to listen to standard pronunciation at any time.
The pocketbook design enables to learn anywhere they go, With eyes, hands, ears, mouth and mind all present at the same time, it can be ensured that this method is the most effective way to learn.
We hope that all English beginners are able to join us to experience the wonderful future having a good command of English could bring us.

Details of products: set=8 books + one talking pen
2. Book size: 15.6x14cm  package size: 33x20x4.2cm
3. Weight: 1.5kg/set

Features of books
1. Easy Talk word book total 8 books to learn words with cartoon illustration.
2. Learning words with eyes, hands, ears, mouth and mind.
3. Including words learning, KK phonics learning, related words learning, sample sentences learning four parts.
4. Verb: past tense/ present participle/past participle
    Adjective: comparative/the hightest