2 to 3 years old Baby English Learning Audio Books Honey Honey with Talking Pen

Learning English aiphabets
Purchase Process
How to motivate 2 to 3 years old baby’s learning interest? For this purpose, we specially design series books with sweet songs, funny chants and development games. In addition, the books use the touch-and feel paper, baby can touch and feel its differences from other books. The Lift-The-Flap book concept has been used to let baby learn in a happy atmosphere. With talking pen is an new toy to play music, record voice and tell story bring great fun for baby learning.
It is the popular learn baby books, there are some stickers, puzzles and word cards let baby use their hands to complete the tasks, they can gain knowledge and fun during the interactive activities. The illustrated picture is drawn by a famous international artist; the vivid picture can attract kids’ attention and deepen the impression of contents.

Details of books
1. Book size:  17cm*18cm
2. Page of book: about 39 pages/book
3.One set= 2 books, sticker, word cards, puzzles
4. Be suit for 2-3 years old baby
5. Baby learns English alphabets with sweet songs, funny chants and developmental games audio books
6. Illustrated pictures, touch-and-feel paper, the Lift-The-Flap and Colorful printing.
7. Standard American English pronunciation and real-man voice.
Features of the Talking Pen
1. The voice is Native American English audio pronunciation, correctly, clearly and appealingly.
2. The pen is portable, and convenient to store or take.
3. Real-man recording gives more fun to kids ‘learning process.
4. Quick respond, it “speaks” as you touch the page.
5. Cute shape, vivid colors of the pen can be very attractive to kids.
6. The pen is made of ABS material, tasteless, nonpoisonous and nonradioactive
7. OID 3.0 technology supports multifunction.
8. High identification, large capacity makes the pen powerful.
9. The pen is power-saving; it’ll switch off when in standby for 5 minutes.
10. It allows storing and playing MP3 files and supporting TF cards to extend memory for MP3 or new voices for advanced learning.
11. You can test your English as you like by recording voice or reading after the pen.
USB cable/adapter/Earphone
Colorful Gift Box + Carton box

Air shipping or Sea shipping
1. Honey Honey is a unique series of English alphabets learning books with talking pen for 2 to 3 years baby. Parents can download some stories into the talking pen, it will be a good bedtime story teller for baby.
2. It is suitable for kindergarten, primary school, training school, international school, book store, library…
3. Talking pen and audio books is educational gift for kids who can’t pay attention on study, good helper for work busy and non-standard spoken English parents.
1. The MOQ is 3000 sets and negotiable.
2. The payment way we accept is: Bank Transfer, Western Union, and PayPal.
3. More questions, please contact us:
  Email: sales@talkingpen.cn
Q: What language of our books and talking pen?
A: Our pen supports any language. At present, our books are in English and Chinese. If you would like to do your own language, we can do OEM for you, you need translate our books contents into your language and record corresponding voice.
Q: What is the advantage of your book?
A: Vivid picture and story will attract the kids' attention on study. Sweet music and chant will make learning easier. DIY step can motivate kids’ infinite imagination. Drama will link kids with family together and kids can gain more fun, knowledge and kinship from it.
Q: What is the advantage of your pen?
A: Our pen is portable, safe and simple to use for kids. It is standard American pronunciation and real-man recording. Good speaker quantity is no any harm for kids’ ears. We use the eco-friendly materials for the talking pen and it is crushproof. Parents won't worry about kids' English anymore; the talking pen will be your great helper.
Q: How about the principle of your talking pen?
A: Our pen use the OID (object identify) technology, the book is different from the normal book; it had added the hidden codes (like QR codes). There is a camera on the pen head, when it touch the book, it will identify the codes and find the corresponding audio files, then it can speak out the contents.