English Words Learning Story Book Children's English Reader with Reading Pen

Children's English Reader: total 3 levels. Level 1: 6 books. Level 2: 12 books. Level 3: 8 Books
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Children's English Reader is a series of short, beginner-level English stories designed for young learners. The books are written in a fun, humorous style that teaches important life lessons while also entertaining and educating the readers. The 28-book series is divided into three levels: life education, natural ecological education, and illustration story education series. Children's will be sure to enjoy reading these captivating stories with reading pen. Includes 28 books, total 3 levels.
Level 1: 6 books with Caboo bear daily life story, Caboo Bear goes shipping, Caboo Bear's Drawings,Caboo Bear's Fun Day, Caboo Bear's Birthday, Caboo Bear Goes to school, Caboo Bear and his friends. Caboo bear's daily life story teaches kids good habits, alphabets, numbers, colors and daily life words.

Level 2: 12 books with nature ecology story, Butterfly Dance, Fly Dandelion! Little Bug on a Leaf, Little Castle, Cherry Blossoms, Frog Chorus, Red Mangrove's Birth, Spirit of the Sea, Fighters in the Forest, Shy Plants, Wild Geese's Journey, Cicada's Long Wait. This series stories let kids learning not only nature and ecology rules, but also English basic knowledge.

Level 3: 8 books with vivid illustrations classic story, The Wolf and the Seven Lambs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Crying Pricess, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Adventure of Tom Thumb, Little Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Mouse and the Swan, The Little Match Girl. The vivid picture stories makes kids learning English words with much fun.

◎Work with talking pen, kids can learn anywhere they are !
◎Select 6 daily life topics: Colors, Shapes, Time, Numbers, Alphabets, School, help kids learning basic knowledge.
◎Effectively Cultivate kids’ base cognition, stimulus language ability and intellectual development.
◎Vivid picture and illustrations with bright colors.
◎To strengthen memory through doing exercise after class; fancy games, question and answer helps kids review story contents.

USB cable, adapter, earphone.
Eco-friendly Box + Carton Box  
Air shipping or Sea shipping.

1. Children’s English Reader series audio story books with talking pen is suit for 3-8 years old English learning starters. It includes 28 books, total 3 levels: life education, natural ecological education, and illustration story education series. It is suitable for kindergarten, primary school, training school, international school, book store, library…
2. Talking pen and audio books is educational gift for kids who can’t pay attention on study, good helper for work busy and non-standard spoken English parents.
3. Children’s English Reader with talking pen is a good story teller for kids’ bedtime. The classic stories can let kids fall into a sweet dream, our pen also have MP3 player, and you can download music, poetry and story into the pen to play for kids.
4. It is suitable for kindergarten, primary school, training school, international school, book store, library…


1. The MOQ is 3000 sets and negotiable.
2. The payment way we accept is: Bank Transfer, Western Union, and PayPal.
3. More questions, please contact us:
  Email: sales@talkingpen.cn

Q: What language of our books and talking pen?
A: Our pen supports any language. At present, our books are in English and Chinese. If you would like to do your own language, we can do OEM for you, you need translate our books contents into your language and record corresponding voice.
Q: What is the advantage of your book?
A: Vivid picture and story will attract the kids' attention on study. Sweet music and chant will make learning easier. DIY step can motivate kids’ infinite imagination. Drama will link kids with family together and kids can gain more fun, knowledge and kinship from it.
Q: What is the advantage of your pen?
A: Our pen is portable, safe and simple to use for kids. It is standard American pronunciation and real-man recording. Good speaker quantity is no any harm for kids’ ears. We use the eco-friendly materials for the talking pen and it is crushproof. Parents won't worry about kids' English anymore; the talking pen will be your great helper. 
Q: How about the principle of your talking pen?
A: Our pen use the OID (object identify) technology, the book is different from the normal book; it had added the hidden codes (like QR codes). There is a camera on the pen head, when it touch the book, it will identify the codes and find the corresponding audio files, then it can speak out the contents.