The Best English Picture Children Dictionary and Reading Pen with Bluetooth Combo Customized Languages

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My First English Dictionary is designed for Beginning Learners with more than 5,000 vocabulary and 1,400 pictures. Including United States of American, States of the United States, Presidents of the United States, The World, The Solar System, and so on. A
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Product Description
My First English Dictionary is designed for Beginning Learners with more than 5,000 vocabulary and 1,400 pictures. Including United States of American, States of the United States, Presidents of the United States, The World, The Solar System, and so on.
All kinds of information about words is waiting for you in this book. You can learn the letters and phonics to spell words and speak out. You can learn more about words by study the illustrations and photos which will bring you to a magic visual world and extend your eyes to the real world.
Also this Dictionary supports three languages to learn and local languages can customized to replace Chinese and Cantonese for abroad buyer.

Product Name My First English Dictionary
Brand  OEM
Product Material Paper&Paperboard
Book Cover Hard Cover
Group 5~8 years old
Book Size 22.5x28.5x2.6cm
Package content A Dictionary, a talking pen, a cable
Language Customized/English&Chinese&Cantonese
Pen's Memory 16GB
Application School, Bookstore, Kindergarten, Supermarket
Advantage Up-to-date and easy to use
Earphone Support
Ink Soy Ink
Warranty One year

How to use your Dictionary
Letter Introduction  
This shows the capital and lowercase form of the letter.
Illustrations and photos .
The dictionary contains more than 1,400 illustrations and photos.
Guide words  
These help you find entries by showing the first and last word on each spread.
Alphabet guides  
Color alphabet guides help you find letters quickly.
The captions for illustrated words provide extra information.
Where words come from  
Many words have interesting histories. These are presented in colored feature boxes.

The main entry, or headword, is in blue.
These show other forms of the word. For nouns, they show plurals. For verbs, they show different tenses.
This is the definition, or meaning of the word. Some words have more than one definition.
The red arrow points to an illustration of the word.
This is an example sentence to show how the word is used.
Feature panels  
There colored panels provide more information about interesting words.

Suitable for 3~8 children to learn language with letters, phonetics, words and sentences throughout with science, geography, biology, astronomy and so on. Also combined with photographs, maps and sounds.

What help the talking pen could do?
1. Learning languages easily.
The pen equipped with different books for teaching kids character, words, sentence and so on.
It arouse the learning enthusiasm of kids' strongly by bring them to a magic sounding world.
2. Listening vivid stories.
The pen equipped with story books for telling kids stories.
It will improve kids speaking and thinking ability.
3. Enjoying music and singing songs.
The pen have MP3 function to play songs.
4. Playing Games.
The pen could equipped with book of game function.
Learning through playing, and playing from learning.

1. More than 5,000 vocabulary and 1,400 pictures show you abundant contents with sound effect.
2. Hardcover and color print with OID Technology make study more fun.
3. The books are printed with soy ink. Parents and children can enjoy in reading safely.
4. The Smart Talking Pen is activated as children go throughout each lesson to learn vocabulary, sentence structure and conversations.
5. The voice is Native American English audio pronunciation, correctly, clearly and appealingly.
6. The pen is portable, and convenient to store or take.
7. Real-man recording gives more fun to kids ‘learning process.
8. Quick respond, it “speaks” as you touch the page.

1. Kids just simply power on the pen and point to the book, the pen could read anywhere it point. 
(The books are special book provide by us, or we could make your books equipped with our pen)
2. We have talking pen and books kits available for your choice.
3. If you have your own books and book voice, we could make our pen equipped with your books.
Customer choose reading pen model Factory make reading pen according customer's requirement
Customer provide book file Factory will make OID coding for books
Customer provide book MP3 voice Factory will programme book voice into 1 voice file

Q: What are the groups do this book applied for?
A: My First English Dictionary is suitable for preschool children and primary school kids. Also designed for English Beginners with no limitation of age. Easier to learn plus sound.
Q: What are the advantages to the traditional English dictionary?
A: Easy to use and up-to-date is the very successful point of this dictionary. It’s more interesting when the picture and its accompanying essay are both excellent. Also it’s fully revised and printed with soy ink. Eco-friendly and healthier.
Q: If the pen is left at the “on” model, how long will the battery last? Will it be automatically turned off after a certain time?
A: The talking pen shuts down automatically after a few minutes so it will not drain your battery.
Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are the manufacturer of audio books and talking pens, also develop educational toys. Our products are very popular throughout the world. So we welcome distribution partners to join us.
Q: Can the pen play different languages like Spanish and Mandarin?
A: At this point the Pen is designed with English, Cantonese, Mandarin content, but we would totally be willing to provide OEM service to customized languages. Contact us with more details about your needs.
Q: How to use the audio dictionary with the talking pen?
A:  Its easy to turn on/turn off.
  • Press the on/off button in the middle of the pen, hold on for three seconds;
  • Then the pen will greeting to you and vise versa.
  • Press the M button to change language model.
  • Open the books to point anywhere you want. More fun in learning than traditional dictionary due to the sound effect.