Super Me Children's Development Textbook Chinese Digital Voice Recorder Reading Pen School Exercise Book

Item No.: EB20
Super Me is a comprehensive eight-level series that systematically builds students’ English proficiency from an entry level. The series provides balanced coverage of all four language skills through engaging content, relevant contexts, meaningful exercise
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Product Name Super Me Student Book
Description Super Me 8 English Books with Talking Pen
Application For English Beginners to build a systematical English proficiency.
Technology OID (object identify) technology
Language English/Local Language
Book size 21cm*28cm
Page of book 59 pages
Paper Material Coated paper and touching paper.
Certificate CE,UL
Warranty one year
Memory of pen 8GB/Customized
Books Voice Pronunciation American English pronunciation
Book size 21cm*28cm
Advantage of the Product A whole series which provides balanced coverage of four language skills through engaging content, relevant contexts, meaningful exercises
Type Musical Toys/Educational Toys
Users For 7-12 years old kids to learn English
Product Introduction
Super Me is a comprehensive eight-level series that systematically builds students English proficiency from an entry level. The series provides balanced coverage of all four language skills through engaging content, relevant contexts, meaningful exercises, and exciting pair activities.
Super Me has the following components:
  1. Student Book
  2. Workbook A & B
  3. Audio CDs
  4. Test Sheet
  5. Phonics
  6. Learning Video
  1. 9 different topics in each book.
  2. Turn the cute page to find surprise
  3. Start with Conversation, New vocabulary to learn
  4. Teachers’ teaching book
  5. Vivid Picture with games
  6. Grammar Learning and sentence pattern practice


1.Super Me Student Book is a unique series of 8 English learning books with talking pen for 7 to 12 years children.

2. It is suitable for kindergarten, primary school, training school, international school, book store, library…

3. Talking pen and audio books is educational gift for kids who can’t pay attention on study, good helper for work busy and non-standard spoken English parents.

Books information:
1. Book size: 21cm*28cm
2. Page of book: 59 pages
3. Children learning audio English books
4. Children learning English with fun.
5. 1set = 8 books.
6. For 7-12 years old students.
7. Colorful printing.
8. Paper material: Coated paper.
9. American English pronunciation.
10. It is good teaching books for kindergarten and school.
11. Enjoy pictures.
Digital reader pen information:
1. 8GB 
2. Rechargeable battery
3. Build -in speaker.
4. Easy and happy  to learning English for kids and student.
5. It is the best helpful tool for learning English.
6. Play music,recording function.
7. Accessories:cable ,charger(optional)


Our Service

1. Accept OEM /ODM order for Talking pen. 

2. Supply Audio book with talking pen, talking globe, teaching board, educational toy....

3. Give authority for English book for kids study English

4. We have talking pen and books kits available for your choice.

5. If you have your own books and book voice, we could make our pen equipped with your books.

Customer choose reading pen model Factory make reading pen according customer's requirement
Customer provide book file Factory will make OID coding for books
Customer provide book MP3 voice Factory will programme book voice into 1 voice file
Our Company 
Kids Fun Education Technology Co.,Limited. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of educational products, including Talking Pen with kinds of children's English learning picture books, smart globe, map, teaching board, toys...

Since the establishment in 2010, we insist to do the eco-friendly, safe and healthy educational products that make Kids Learning with Fun.

Q: What is the talking pen ?
A: *Talking pen using the latest optical image recognition technology and advanced digital voice technology developed a new generation of intelligent reading and learning tool.
*It embodies the perfect function of electronic products and education industry, and technology to people-centered concept.
*Talking pen have point to read, repeat, recording, translation, entertainment, and many other features. Fully mobilize the children such as the eyes, ears, hands, brain sensory system, easy to cultivate children's cognitive, literacy, talking, thinking ability.
*It read where the way through the point where, read in conjunction with the heard way to learn, improve your child's interest in learning, to stimulate the development of the brain. Not only let the children learn the knowledge of integrated disciplines, and lay a good foundation for the children who enroll in school, but also contribute to the shaping of a child character quality to cultivate and improve children's intelligence and quality.
Q: What help the talking pen could do?
A: 1. Learning languages easily.
The pen equipped with different books for teaching kids character, words, sentence and so on.
It arouse the learning enthusiasm of kids' strongly by bring them to a magic sounding world.
2. Listening vivid stories.
The pen equipped with story books for telling kids stories.
It will improve kids speaking and thinking ability.
3. Enjoying music and singing songs.
The pen have MP3 function to play songs.
4. Playing Games.
The pen could equipped with book of game function.
Learning through playing, and playing from learning.
Q: How to cooperate the pen with books?
A: Kids just simply power on the pen and point to the book, the pen could read anywhere it point.
(The books are special book provide by us, or we could make your books equipped with our pen)
Q: How about the principle of your talking pen?
A: Our pen use the OID(object identify) technology, the book is different from the normal book, it had added the hidden codes(like QR codes). There is a camera on the pen head, when it touch the book, it will identify the codes and find the corresponding audio files, then it can speak out the contents.
Q: Would children easy to use talking pen? What if kids don’t like it?
A: Our pen is portable, safe and simple to use for kids. It is standard American pronunciation and real-man recording as a brand new substitute for traditional CD players. Point and read at the moment, more convenient to use.
Q: How to use the books with the talking pen?
A: It’s easy to turn on/turn off.
1.Press the on/off button in the middle of the pen, hold on for three seconds;
2.Then the pen will greeting to you and vise versa.
3.Touch the surface of the book to choose/change the series
4.After that open the books to point anywhere you want.
Q: Is it safe for children?
A: We use the eco-friendly materials for the talking pen and it is damage resistant. Good speaker quality is no any harm for kids’ ears.