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Big Jump

Series Big Jump Student Book and CLIL with Talking Pen for Primary School Kids as English Learning Textbooks

Total: 34 books ( 12 Student Book + 12CLIL books+10 Phonics) and one piece talking pen
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Big Jump is a 12-level series that uses exciting passages, realistic dialogues, meaningful exercises, lively songs, and goal-oriented evaluation to teach the full range of essential vocabulary words and sentence patterns for primary school students. Its well-designed curriculum thoroughly covers all four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, thereby giving students a jumpstart on English.
Key Features:
1. Smooth integration of all four language skills.
2. Multi-subject content for well-rounded learning.
3. Targeted evaluation of student's learning outcomes.
4. Repeated practice and application for maximum retention.
5. Natural building of sentences beyond rules and structures.
6. Ideal curriculum aimed at sustaining acquired knowledge.

Student Book
1. New vocabulary is presented with visual prompts, and vocabulary and sentence pattern usage is taught through sample conversations set in realistic situations.
2. Abundant reading, speaking, and writing exercises help students to practice and retain the new vocabulary and sentence patterns.
3. Engaging, true-to-life dialogues put the new vocabulary and sentence patterns in context.
4. Interesting reading passages incorporate the grammar structures and vocabulary words taught in each unit and give students extensive reading practice.
5. New grammar concepts, sentence patterns, and vocabulary words are made easy to learn and retain through lively sing-along chants.

CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. It is a unique series that integrates all four language skills and covers topics ranging from social studies, science, and math to health, arts and crafts, and music.
Each CLIL book is paired with a Big Jump student book. With practical tasks, evocative topics, and engaging dialogues, CLIL makes learning English enjoyable and rewarding.
1. English is learned through practical topics such as math, arts and crafts, science, and social studies.
2. Students can use the new words that they have learned to express themselves through interesting open-ended writing activities.

Phonics is a 10-part series that uses the phonics method to teach students to read fluently and independently in English. It is a well-structured, research-grounded series through which students acquire English reading skills in a systematic and natural way and hone excellent reading comprehension skills as well. It fosters students' phonemic and phonogical awareness, develops their ability to encode and decode, teaches them blending, and builds their understanding of spelling patterns. In short, it equips students with all the essentials that they need to become successful English language users and readers.

Key Features of PHONICS
1. Enable students to encode and decode.
2. Builds a working understanding of spelling rules.
3. Gives students a solid sound-to-letter foundation.
4. Provides abumdant reading and blending practice.
5. Teaches all 44 sounds of English and all phonics rules.
6. Foster students'phonological and phonemic awareness.
7. Progresses smoothly from single to multi-syllable words.
8. Uses decodable stories to help students practice phonics rules.
9. Develops good pronunciation, intonation, and speech patterns.


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1. Big Jump Student Book, CLIL Phonics is as a series English textbook suit for primary school students learning English. It is popular with public school, training school, international school, family study…
2. It is main for primary school students learning English basic knowledge, vocabulary words, sentence pattern, phonics…
3. Talking pen and audio books is educational gift for kids who can’t pay attention on study, good helper for work busy and non-standard spoken English parents.
1. The MOQ is 3000 sets and negotiable.
2. The payment way we accept is: Bank Transfer, Western Union, and PayPal.
3. More questions, please contact us:
Q: What language of our books and talking pen?
A: Our pen supports any language. At present, our books are in English and Chinese. If you would like to do your own language, we can do OEM for you, you need translate our books contents into your language and record corresponding voice.
Q: What is the advantage of our book?
A: Vivid picture and story will attract the kids' attention on study. Sweet music and chant will make learning easier. DIY step can motivate kids’ infinite imagination. Drama will link kids with family together and kids can gain more fun, knowledge and kinship from it.
Q: What is the advantage of our pen?
A: Our pen is portable, safe and simple to use for kids. It is standard American pronunciation and real-man recording. Good speaker quantity is no any harm for kids’ ears. We use the eco-friendly materials for the talking pen and it is crushproof. Parents won't worry about kids' English anymore; the talking pen will be your great helper. 
Q: How about the principle of our talking pen?
A: Our pen use the OID (object identify) technology, the book is different from the normal book; it had added the hidden codes (like QR codes). There is a camera on the pen head, when it touch the book, it will identify the codes and find the corresponding audio files, then it can speak out the contents.